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Meet Lorraine

Lorraine is an engineering student from the University of Pheonix and a mother of 2. She began her work at Hoctor Industries as an intern in the robotics department, a role that she called "Challenging but fulfilling" . In 2020 she proved her team leading capabilities by volunteering to organize Team Zoom Meetings and offering her insight of robotics to further "Project Sigma". With her design plans, Lorraine kept the workflow moving and the project on track with it's forecasted schedule and was promoted to Lead Project Director in 2021. 


Meet Chandler

Chandler originally started in an unlikely place, the gift shop of Hoctor Industries. Right away he proved his worth, with his ability to read customer's engagement in the shop and with the merchandise, but it wouldn't be until Human Resource agents went into the shop to evaluate employee/customer interaction that it was noticed that, when the shop was in lull moments, Chandler began to doodle on the white board amazing drawings of fantasy creatures, cartoon characters and robots that the customers just loved. Chandler moved into the Design Department as a Team Leader in Product Manufacturing.

Meet Steven


Steven is the head of the Hoctor Industries baking department and a cum laude graduate from The Culinary Institute of America. He began as a part-time baker, working for Hoctor Industries in 2015, but soon rose through the ranks after demonstrating his considerable prowess in perfecting our signature Mind Control Cookies. His personal philosophy is, "Cooking is edible science mixed with a little bit of love", and he does his best to ensure every employee in our bakery shares this vision.


Meet Janice


An eclectic mother of 3, Janice is the personal tea designer for Hoctor Industries as well as the manager of the on-site Tea Shop. Janice first discovered her passion for design in 2017 when she found her beloved teacup yorkie, Butters, propped cutely in her afternoon teacup. Inspiration flew from her as she began to photograph and reinvent the way everyday people enjoy their echinacea experience. Starting off as part of the graphics team, Janice soon rose through the ranks of Hoctor Industries after bringing her assiduous skill and eye for detail to the bi-monthly Tea Time meetings. Her personal motivation is her desire to see the smiles of customers and employees alike every time they pick up a teacup crafted with distinction, personality and love.

Meet Tammy

Tammy is a graphic design student from the Chattanooga State Community College. Tammy entered in with a portfolio full of fun and imagination and with her sharp eye for design she is now one of the Team Leaders for the Graphic Design Department, keeping the team on track to create new products that are sure to turn heads!

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