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Image Credit: Amy Methven (Mad Munchkin)

NAME: Dr. George Miller Hoctor  


DOB: March 8th, 1998  Sex: M 

Eyes: yes  Hair: brown  


Talents: voice acting, video editing 

Description: Dr. George miller hoctor is a mad internet personality, known for wearing goggles everywhere and his obsession for tea, who works as a professional voice actor. his pitch ranges from bass to baritone and he is best known for his ability to produce loud, rough voices using the speaking technique known commonly as "ventricular fold phonation". He places most of his already limitless energy into the characters he voices and seems to be determined to give as much to a project as possible. 

Likes: Various teas, Goggles, the concept of "Reality Engineering", hiding links in his website to various pages, Sillyness 

Dislikes: Lack of communication in a project, unprofessionalism, coffee, most nuts 

Equipment: Currently owns an Rode NT-1 Cardioid Mic which is connected to a Tube MP Pre-Amp and a DBX 266xs Audio Compressor that is fed into a Scarlett Solo 2nd Generation XLR to USB Interface. Audio is edited with Audacity and video with Sony Vegas 

Pricing: Current pricing is $0.40 (40 cents USD) per word with a 20 dollar minimum, no charge added on retakes due to a mistake on the recorder’s part.

Exceptions to pricing may occur if project is for:

  • - Charity

  • - An awards project

  • - Education (such as a thesis or school project)

  • - Pilot for new series

  • - etc

To be determined after a clear overview of the work needed for project



Education: Studied at Chattanooga State Community College for a Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications where the skills learned are applied in audio mixing and quality to make audio sound better. it is unknown what Dr. George Miller Hoctor claims to have a doctorate in but his response to the question has been, "I have a doctorate in Anything, everything and nothing at all.". 

Contact: All business inquiries may be sent to or by simply using the contact form on the home page 


"Hoctor's voice acting is damn near flawless. Sometimes lines require a bit more takes when it comes to the length, but the wording is just so damn impressive. Each and every project of mine was given some life to it with his voice." 

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