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Gumballs for Good.png

Ah, candy, coming in many forms but none as popular as the classic, colorful gumball. If you're like us, the feeling of inserting the quarter, turning the shiny crank and receiving a tasty treat holds no compare. It brings a childlike bliss to your everyday life, an insouciant feeling of joy that makes you feel good and now it can not only feel good but it can DO good!!

Hoctor Industries is proud to be partnering with the Varelse Bridge Society in many exciting projects around Chattanooga, TN, starting with Operation: Gumballs for Good. Simply find one of our colorful machines in any number of partnered, local businesses and you can enjoy a tasty treat while putting your pocket change to good use. 

All proceeds from this project will go directly to the Creative Discovery Museum of Chattanooga, an organization that brings creative inspiration and the fun of scientific engineering exploration to life through interactive, hands on displays and exhibits.

For more information on the Creative Discovery Museum, you may visit their webpage at and for more information on the Varelse Bridge Society, you may visit their webpage at

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